There's no place like House of Hounds for dog boarding when you're away! We have taken dog boarding to a whole different level! We incorporate ALL of the comforts of home into a natural, fun, safe, social and totally cage-free environment. We have gained the confidence, trust, and absolute satisfaction from both our clients and dog guests.


We provide a true home-like setting designed for dogs, with the added bonus of 24-hour supervision.


Positive personalities and artistic talents combine your pet's classic beauty and contemporary style. All-breed specialty cuts, a quick bath and/or style, are delivered with a splash of class and a touch of sass that keeps pets and their owners coming back for more!



Two locations for more convenience in Charleston & Nitro! A dog's life is the life to live at House of Hounds. Enjoy the lap of luxury with numerous leather couches, crystal chandeliers and even big screen televisions! Why leave your pup at home alone when you can have them stay in style at HoH!



We provide a true home-like setting designed for dogs, with the added bonus of 24-hour supervision. Your dog will never be left alone or confined to a cage. We pamper our overnight guests as if they were our own! (Nitro Location Only)



A full-service salon experience that's to meow for! Whether your cat wants just bath and fluff or our signature lion cut, we are here to pamper and please. We also offer the cage-free boarding experience for our feline friends.



House of Hounds

Westley SmolderWestley Smolder
04:08 16 Apr 23
Amazing staff and beautiful building. Olive gets excited everytime we tell her she's going to daycare, and comes home tired from playing. Can't beat that!
Noeleen TrueNoeleen True
13:18 09 Oct 22
My two little Chihuahuas Lucy Ricardo and Baby Frankie had a great time getting groomed they do an excellent job and my dogs were not traumatized they were happy both of my little fur babies are looking forward to going back. Great place they take really good care of your dogs. I'm getting a cat I just wish they'd give my cat a bath for me I asked them they said they don't if anyone knows a place I can get my cat washed let me know I'm not messing with it. It's a wildcat
Brandy Hart CarrollBrandy Hart Carroll
21:43 08 Jul 22
We went out of town for an early birthday celebration and left our Beyla behind at HOH. This girl had us so worried when we got the call that she was being rushed to the Emergency Vet because they thought she had bloat. They took all the proper precautions when feeding her, but sometimes this can still happen. We suspect it was the anxiety from being away from home and her excitement from being in a place that she loves that caused it. We can't thank House of Hounds enough for keeping an eye on our girl and catching it so quickly. If this would have went unseen we would have lost our girl because it can be fatal in a short amount of time... Timing is everything with bloat. Thankfully knowledge and a watchful eye coupled with an amazing reaction time from the House of Hounds staff save Beyla's life. Doctors told us we were so lucky she was in excellent care from them because this would have been devastating. This is a big shout out to House of Hounds in Nitro and the South Charleston Emergency Vet for saving our girl's life!We cannot thank them enough for saving our girl's life!
Melinda PiersonMelinda Pierson
03:48 19 Apr 22
I have continually been requested to leave a comment about my experience there but I did not use your services bc you couldn't give my dog an appointment until August in Charleston and May in Nitro. I used Pampered Poodle in Nitro the same week I called. They did a great job.
Danielle McCormickDanielle McCormick
03:33 08 Aug 18
Our golden doodle LOVES this plAce. I live there we can buy a chunk of hours and drop him off for the day or for an hour or two if we’re going downtown for something. They are wonderful with the dogs and the grooming was great also. We’ve just moved and I REALLY miss this place for our dog. Only thing I’d change is that I always wished they did boarding downtown and not just at the nitro location (or at least had a shuttle).
House of Hounds
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Shannon GillenShannon Gillen
19:07 10 Jan 23
I can't sing the praises of this place, and particularly the owner, enough! I boarded my cat Mango here for a week and a half. Mango tends to get very afraid around people and situations he doesn't know, as was the case here. A couple of days in and he wasn't eating or drinking. The owner went above and beyond, trying several different types of food to try to get him to eat and was preparing to take him to the vet or even his own home to help him calm down if necessary. It was so nice to be states away and to know that someone was doing their absolute best to make sure that my cat was ok. After trying some shredded chicken, Mango thankfully came around and all of the workers continued to help make him as comfortable as they could by sitting with him for hours over the course of that week and a half. They really and truly care about your pets here and will do just about anything they can to make them safe and comfortable.
Steve HarmonSteve Harmon
16:27 15 Nov 22
Took my dog in at 8am and she was done by 10am the service was fast friendly and affordable. The groomer took the time to listen instead of assuming . My dog who doesn’t like strangers came home very happy . Happier then she usually is so I can’t recommend this place enough . Just wanted to add this place is a groomer and kennel so to the review talking about it smelling bad duh it’s a business the revolves around dogs But when I was there is smelled good and the employees seemed happy and social .
Jeffrey HallJeffrey Hall
17:00 25 Jul 22
Our dog has been going to House of Hounds since June and we’ve loved it. They were able to quickly get him in for his first day and all subsequent appointments have gone great. At other doggy daycares, he would get scared in the parking lot and try his hardest to not enter the building. When we pull up to House of Hounds, he gets excited and runs to the door. The house environment is so unique and valuable. The 24/7 supervision is incredibly valuable. Especially if your dog has separation anxiety, this is the place to be. I only wish they’d have the same level of service (overnight, weekends) in Charleston.
Jill Fisher JusticeJill Fisher Justice
20:06 09 Jun 22
I LOVE THEM! My 2 dogs look adorable and s.ell so good!

We provide a true home-like setting designed for dogs, with the added bonus of 24-hour supervision.