Whether it’s a complete makeover or a subtle change, the talented groomers at House Of Hounds are ready to meet the challenge. With their positive personalities and artistic abilities, they skillfully combine your pet’s timeless beauty with a touch of contemporary art and style. Rest assured that after their visit, your dog will not only look fabulous but also feel their absolute best!

At our grooming salon, we have implemented measures to ensure the well-being of every dog in our care. We have a daily limit on the number of dogs we groom and carefully space out appointments. If a dog becomes stressed, we provide breaks and utilize calm and confident energy techniques throughout the grooming process. All of our groomers at HOH have received comprehensive training from Brannon the owner and fully embody the HOH values.

To join our waitlist for a haircut appointment for your furry friend, kindly text us so we can add you to the list. As soon as we have availability we will reach out to schedule an appointment for you. Please note that our waitlist is nearly full.

Your dog's comfort and safety are our top priorities. Rest assured that during each visit, you can expect a consistently stunning haircut. We also place great importance on maintaining open lines of communication with you, ensuring that your needs and concerns are always addressed.

If your pet doesn’t require a body haircut and falls into categories like pugs, labs, bulldogs, terrier mixes, pits, boxers, etc., we have plenty of openings for bath and tidy appointments. To schedule one, please text us at 681-888-9663.

Every service we offer includes the following:

  • A soothing blueberry facial.
  • Brushing of teeth.
  • Thorough cleaning and examination of ears.
  • We only use top of the line products, Shampooing and conditioning tailored to your pet’s specific coat and skin type.
  • Gentle hand drying and a warm air fluff brush out.
  • Trimming and filing of nails to a comfortable length.
  • Plenty of affectionate “kissies” for your beloved furry friend.


  • Bordetella – We require 6 month Bordetella updates for all grooming, daycare, and boarding dogs. Some vets do not routinely administer this vaccine, while others only give it on a yearly basis, so be sure to speak with your vet’s office to make sure your dog is vaccinated. Please keep in mind, the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine is not 100% effective. The kennel cough vaccine is comparative to the flu vaccine for humans with about 60% effectiveness.
  • DHPP – within the last year or three years depending on your dogs age.
  • Rabies – Within the last year or three years depending on your dogs age.
  • Heartworm & Flea preventative– You can bring an invoice from either your veterinarian office or receipts from where it was purchased.
  • Exceptions for the vaccination requirements can be made. For example, if your baby has an underlying illness which could be aggravated by vaccines, we would just need to speak with your vet. Please contact us regarding any concerns you may have about our vaccine policy.
  • Canine Influenzas Vaccine (dog flu)