Cage-Free Boarding

We provide a true home-like setting designed for dogs, with the added bonus of 24-hour supervision.

House of Hounds is completely Cage-Free, meaning your dog will never go in a cage, run, or be confined to a small area. Our facility is creatively designed to offer doggy daycare and boarding while you’re at work or away from home.

We provide a true home-like setting designed for dogs, with the added bonus of non-stop supervision and doggie friends to play and sleep with. There’s a huge outdoor dog park with bone pools, daybeds, fans, fresh water, misters, and music all surrounded by a secure six foot fence.

Your dog will have access to leisure where he or she desires in the entire hotel, indoors and out. In the boarding house we have a large play room for them to play and nap in. In our TV lounge we show dog movies for their viewing pleasure on one of the big screen TV’s with luxurious leather couches, beds, and blankets to lounge on. We literally snuggle up on the couches with the dog(s) here. Our overnight attendants provide round-the-clock supervision and personalized attention that every dog deserves. All of our daycare and overnight guests are temperament tested and fully vaccinated so we know that the cage free environment is right for them. Whether it’s one night, one month, or longer, your dog’s vacation will be filled with lots of love, fun, and attention. Your dog will come home with a big smile on his face.

For peace of mind and safety of all, House of Hounds has a comprehensive screening process for ALL dogs. Have your dog join our pack today! Just remember all participants must be spayed/neutered, and pass our temperament screening. For more information about our care see daycare or contact us. When your dog is visiting, please bring their food, treats, and any medication they will be taking during their stay. Please bring only the amount of food that is needed in zip lock baggies, we do not have room to store large plastic totes. We have plenty of beds, blankets, and bowls. These items could get lost or destroyed.

Here at House of Hounds our dogs are never left alone! We provide 24 hour supervision seven days a week 365 days a year!

Dog Boarding Rates

$55 per night per dog


Cat Boarding Rates

$40 per night


Your dog must pass a 4 hour test trial before boarding. (Some dogs might require more than one evaluation.) This is a trial to see if your dog is comfortable in the cage free environment.


  • Bordetella – We require 6 month Bordetella updates for all grooming, daycare, and boarding dogs. Some vets do not routinely administer this vaccine, while others only give it on a yearly basis, so be sure to speak with your vet’s office to make sure your dog is vaccinated. Please keep in mind, the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine is not 100% effective. The kennel cough vaccine is comparative to the flu vaccine for humans with about 60% effectiveness.
  • DHPP – within the last year or three years depending on your dogs age.
  • Rabies – Within the last year or three years depending on your dogs age.
  • Heartworm & Flea preventative– You can bring an invoice from either your veterinarian office or receipts from where it was purchased.
  • Exceptions for the vaccination requirements can be made. For example, if your baby has an underlying illness which could be aggravated by vaccines, we would just need to speak with your vet. Please contact us regarding any concerns you may have about our vaccine policy.
  • Canine Influenzas Vaccine (dog flu)