Grooming – House of Hounds


  • Taking your pet to the groomer should not be a stressful experience for you or your pet.  As long-time pet owners, we understand your concerns about how your dog or cat is cared for, and can assure you that your pet will be treated with the same respect and loving care we give our own pets. Our clients are able to view inside of the salon and see how we groom their pooch, which gives them a peace of mind.
  • We believe the ‘trust’ between the dogs and us is very important. With forging such a bond, the dog rests easy and enjoys our grooming. Like human beings, all the dogs are different; so many dogs, so many minds.
  • We respect and look after the dog by seeing his/her personality and characteristic.
  • It’s our pleasure to take care of all types of characters.
  • We hope you’re happy to see your pooch relaxed and enjoying the grooming at our salon.
  • We respect and pay attention to the dogs’ feelings when we groom them.
  • There are two areas in particular that we pride ourselves in: your dog will enjoy the environment and you will receive the best quality service.
  • Fresh clean warm towels.
  • DID YOU KNOW? House of Hounds is one of the only salons that completely fluff dry by hand! NO cage drying!

Here is a look at how your dog’s grooming experience will go and what it includes...

  • -A minimum of at least two baths are completed until squeaky clean
  • -Shampooed with products that best suits your pooch’s unique skin and coat needs
  • -Ears are cleaned thoroughly and then the hair is clipped or plucked
  • -All glands are fully expressed
  • -Dried lovingly by hand and then air fluffed
  • -Fur trimmed and styled as desired
  • -Hand scissoring is used for specific cut requests
  • -Sanitary areas trimmed to help your pup stay fresh and clean
  • -Toenails are cut and then filed smoothly
  • -Perfume and any final touches are given
  • -Bows, a bowtie or a bandana if desired
  • -Finally teeth are brushed and the grooming experience is complete!

Fully styled from head to paws

  • Nail polish (safe for use on dogs! And many colors to choose from, for no additional fee)
  • Nail filing (smooth scratch free nails)
  • Blueberry facials
  • Paw & nose treatment (vitamin e for the nose, and oatmeal paw moisturizer for pads)
  • Ain't no fleas on me - $10.00 (all natural flea and tick shampoo)

By Appointment

Due to the high demand of styling pampered pups we strongly recommend keeping a standing appointment. We typically are booked 3-6 weeks in advance.

(304) 755-4DOG